Lots Of Interest In Gambling In New Jersey

Applications Are Flooding In

Those who are in charge of the gaming board in New Jersey say that they have already received some 37 applications from various companies that want to do business in the online gambling market in New Jersey as soon as possible. The state already has 12 brick and mortar casinos, all of which have sent in applications to the state saying that they intend to partner up with an online gambling provider or perhaps create their own gambling platform.

Unique Position

New Jersey is one of only three states in the country (Nevada and Deleware being the others) that allow for legalized online gambling at the moment. This puts them in the unique position of having a lot of excitement building in the state for this kind of action. It also means that they have the potential to rack in quite a bit of money in the forms of taxation.

The state is still working on the full implementation of the law and working with the brick and mortar casinos on their partnerships with the online ones to see how they can better make it possible to make sure that everyone receives fair and equal treatment.

The Windfall

New Jersey was already in a place where they are able to receive nice amounts of gambling revenue by virtue of the fact that they have Atlantic City. However, some in the financial world are now looking at the state and estimating that they may be able to add another $50 million to the gambling market just by virtue of the fact that they now have online gambling coming to their borders.

Other states which are budget strapped (virtually every state in the union) may soon consider opening up gambling more so in their state as well. Naturally, a lot of this will depend upon the political climate in the state among other factors. New Jersey is a rather progressive state, and that is part of what helped them push through legalization of online gambling.

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