Maple Casino’s Giving Away Free eBooks!

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games thanks to its thrilling combination of playing the odds and using complex strategy. Maple Casino’s new eBook begins with the history of Blackjack and the game’s basics. It then goes on to cover advanced tactics such as betting systems and card counting. The free, comprehensive eBook … Read more

Lots Of Interest In Gambling In New Jersey

Applications Are Flooding In Those who are in charge of the gaming board in New Jersey say that they have already received some 37 applications from various companies that want to do business in the online gambling market in New Jersey as soon as possible. The state already has 12 brick and mortar casinos, all of which … Read more

What Are The Odds?

It Is All About The Odds The house always sets up all of the games so that the odds are in their favor. They tend to keep the odds rather close to a 50-50 proposition in order to allow the players to win on a regular basis as well. However, over the long run the … Read more